The Scientific Background

X39 Patch is made of organic amino acid crystals that hold a patented light frequency. The heat from your skin (a form of infrared light) activates the patch that elevates your GHK-copper peptide — much like the sun activates Vitamin D in your body.
GHK-copper is proven to ACTIVATE your stem cells, PRODUCE more stem cells, and RESET your stem cells to a younger healthier state.


  1. what is the effect of GHK-Cu on stem cells, DNA expression and downstream health (Cu is the abbreviation for copper in the periodical system)
  2. what is the effect of X39 on the activation of GHK-Cu

Ad 1) Peer-reviewed GHK-Cu publication on PubMed

Answering the first question is key. How works GHK-Cu?

We know you want to do your own research. For your convenience we’ve created a button with a live updated link to the National Library of Medicine / National Center for Biotechnology Information (NIH) searching for ALL peer reviewed scientific publication on the tripeptide GHK-Cu.

The effect of GHK on the expression of our DNA

Here are links to some highlighted abstracts on Pubmed by Dr. Pickart, the scientific discoverer of the GHK-copper tripeptide (not affiliated to LifeWave).

  • Pickart et al., Regenerative and Protective Actions of the GHK-Cu Peptide in the Light of the New Gene Data, click here
  • Pickart et al., The human tripeptide GHK-Cu in prevention of oxidative stress and degenerative conditions of aging: implications for cognitive health, click here
  • Pickart et al., GHK Peptide as a Natural Modulator of Multiple Cellular Pathways in Skin Regeneration, click here

The article below addresses the properties and possibilities of the GHK peptide in the realm of expression of our DNA and health. This article is not about LifeWave X39 in particular, but about the mode of action of GHK.

Ad 2) Effect of LifeWave X39 on the formation of GHK-Cu

The second scientific question is what LifeWave X39 does to the GHK-Cu activity. GHK-Cu is a small copper peptide, consisting of three amino acids (protein building blocks: glysine, histidine and lysine). It helps repair and maintain all tissue types.

LifeWave X39 raised GHK-Cu blood levels significantly, measured after 1 day, as well as after 7 days.