Patch Placement

The patch placements shown were used during the clinical studies performed by LifeWave and therefore recommended to try first. For an overview of publications and clinical studies, click here.

All PatchTx Protocols are featuring stem cell activation. Individual protocols can be tailored to individual needs. The patches activate/address specific biological pathways. No chemical ingredients are entering the body; no drugs, no supplements, no injections, just light.

The goals are always to wean off all therapeutics* (including medications) based on symptom relief, and your discussion with and consent of your doctor, clinician, or other healthcare professional. 

*Stem cell activation can be used as a maintenance modality. Stem cell activity decreases while aging. By age 30 you already lose 50% of stem cell activity (by age 60 you lose 90%).

NOTE: put the tan-colored IceWave on the center of pain; use the clock method as shown above to find the placement of the white-colored patch for the most relief. Remove only half of the paper cover of the white patch during the process of finding the best placement. 

NOTE: put tan-colored patch on the center of pain (for golfers typically elbow, wrist, hip, or lower back). Find the best placement for optimal pain relief by placing the white-colored patch using the clock method shown in the picture around the tan-colored patch.

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